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Oct 2, 2023

Mental health in the workplace isn't just an HR issue, it's a leadership issue, a YOU issue! Neglect it, and your talent pool might just disappear like an Snapchat conversation you forgot to reply to.  Get ready to unhook from your daily grind and plug into this mind-opening episode that tackles one of the most overlooked aspects of organizational success—Mental Health.

We've got Sandra Kuhn and Jason Richmond from Headspace (yeah, that Headspace) , sharing  how leaders can embrace vulnerability, be self-aware, and basically turn into emotional Yodas for their teams.

You'll want to marinate on these 3 Key Takeaways that could just make you the office hero. 

  1. Self-Care Isn't Selfish, It's Leadership

  2. If You're Ignoring Mental Health, You're Leaving Money on the Table

  3. Culture Shift? It Starts at the Top!

So there you have it, a taste of the secrets to being a leadership legend are just a play button away! Don't just stand there; smash the 'subscribe' button and let's get this mental health revolution going!


Download 5th Annual Workplace Attitudes Toward Mental Health