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Has the SHIFT hit your plans? Hosted by Ira S Wolfe, The Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Podcast interviews global thought leaders to help make sense of this new world of unknown unknowns and adapt effectively to the new waves of normal. We talk about the convergence of the wired, tired, and technology and its impact on the future of work, jobs, careers, business, and HR.

Nov 14, 2019

Are you a working Mom on a career break (or an employer seeking more skilled workers?) Then don’t miss this episode of Geeks Geezers and Googlization. Listen to serial entrepreneur and philanthropist Reena Gupta share her vision and platform that gives working Moms the means to gain financial independence and businesses a vibrant source of fresh talent. Her timing is perfect. Companies need qualified workers and aspire to build a diverse workforce. Moms, educated and talented workers, want to work. Unfortunately demand and supply lines don’t currently align so well...until now. Mom Relaunch brings Moms and Employers together.