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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the heart and soul of crucial conversations focused on helping you reimagine your tomorrow and exploring the convergence of people, technology and business. Geeks Geezers Googlization is hosted by Ira S Wolfe.

Oct 27, 2022

The pandemic changed the way business is done forever. Once employees got a taste of working remotely and adjusted to a new lifestyle, there was little chance of getting workers back to the office on an everyday basis. 

While more than 59% of workers are now more attracted to jobs that provide flexibility via remote work, nearly 6 out of 10 executives and business owners are pushing back and demanding workers return to the office. One common reason given by managers is that you can’t create a great culture with a remote workforce and workplace. Joining us for this episode are four of America’s top business coaches (Ira S Wolfe, Vanessa Hunter, Jennifer Marshall, and James Thorne) who will share tips on how to lead teams that thrive without being in person.