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Has the SHIFT hit your plans? Hosted by Ira S Wolfe, The Geeks, Geezers and Googlization Podcast interviews global thought leaders to help make sense of this new world of unknown unknowns and adapt effectively to the new waves of normal. We talk about the convergence of the wired, tired, and technology and its impact on the future of work, jobs, careers, business, and HR.

Jan 22, 2020

“People may be a company’s most valuable asset” but they don’t appear on a company’s balance sheet as an asset. They are, however, captured on the income statement as an expense. That is in sharp contrast to how HR values people. This contrast between quantifying the worth of people vs expressing appreciation couldn’t be more remarkable. Bridging this gap and finding a correlation between employee worth and appreciation has become the mission and passion of our guest, valuation expert Dave Bookbinder.  Dave believes “The value of a business is a function of how well the financial capital and the intellectual capital are managed by the human capital. You'd better get the human capital part right.” Dave is the author of The New ROI and host of Behind the Numbers.