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If you think this is just another podcast, think again. We are the heart and soul of crucial conversations focused on helping you reimagine your tomorrow and exploring the convergence of people, technology and business. Geeks Geezers Googlization is hosted by Ira S Wolfe.

Aug 11, 2022

Sharing your ideas is never without fear. Especially at work, and fear can lead to a slew of other negative emotions that greatly impact your job. You start to get worried. You’re nervous. But you still know deep inside you need to speak up.

In this episode of Geeks, Geezers, Googlization, Stephen Shedletzky, accomplished Leadership Coach, advisor, and author, shares what it means to create a safe work environment in which people feel like they can and should speak up. As you listen, you’ll learn how to create better environments and cultures that boost morale and encourage personal connection.